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abernathy gallerypage gif 03 a large bedroom with a bed and sofa aerial view of the memorial stadium and the buildings surrounding view to the top of the abernathy building man checking a flyer by the reception people in the public with orange pompoms and the tiger flag the lounge at the hotel with a fireplace and a sofa cheers walking on the field with a man waving the teams flag view to the taps bar and cafe tables two women friends hanging out by the statue the living room in the premium king room view to the tillman hall tower by the trees the deluxe king room with a king bed and an orange pillow people walking down the road with tiger paws painted a bedroom with a large bed and a couch aerial view of the abernathy hotel and the memorial stadium abernathy gallerypage gif 01 the exterior of a building in the clemson university campus a man reading the newspaper with a sofa on the background a waterfall close up view to the bar with shelves with alcohol bottles in the background and chairs the clemson bell in the middle of the trees a dining room table with chairs view of the memorial stadium from the inside during a game abernathy press quad image 01 aerial view from a far to the memorial stadium a coffee cup and a mug on a table the howards rock on the inside of the stadium the tiger mascot in the middle of the public cheering abernathy gallerypage gif 02